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The Net Return Projector Mount

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The Net Return Projector Mount Kit – When it comes to practicing golf, you’ll find that generally you just need to work on the basics of the game. The type of your swing, the follow-through, and the stance all improve your performance immensely if practiced correctly. Practicing like this without regular access to a driving vary or a correct golf course, nonetheless, could make it difficult. So, what do you do instead?

The Net Return Projector Mount Kit

You pick up one of Golf Anytime’s big selection of hitting nets. These golf nets for dwelling help you practice all sorts of swings without worrying about damaging something. You can safely practice your lengthy photographs with a golf hitting the net. Master your ball putting within the comfort of your personal home, indoors, or open air. Whether trying to add an indoor or outdoors hitting net Golf Anytime has the proper product for you. We offer a number of the finest and hottest manufacturers available on the market as we speak and we assure your satisfaction.

The Net Return Projector Mount Kit
The Net Return Projector Mount
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The Net Return Projector Mount kit mounts to the back of the simulator series screen. It easily attaches and helps you turn your simulator series net into a golf simulator, just add the projector and software. The Net Return mount kit makes building a DIY golf simulator easy and affordable. No need to mount to any ceiling just simply attach the mount kit and you’ll be golfing in no time.

The Net Return Projector Mount Kit is Easily assembled

The Color-coded push button assembly makes putting together any Net Return product fast and easy. One person can easily assemble the Net Return Pro Series net in under 30 minutes with no tools required. Once your net is assembled simply add the side barriers and sandbags and roll out the hitting mat for a complete at-home golf practice facility.

Simulator Series Specifications

  • Frame Height: 8’10” (Rear Display Bar) * With Projector Mount Kit Installed Height Increases to 9 feet.
  • Frame Height 8’2″ (Front Horizontal Tubing)
  • Frame Width: 8′
  • Frame Depth: 3′ 6″
  • Unit Weight: 58 lbs. (With Projector Mount Kit 64 lbs.)
  • The Projector Mount Kit Accessory Added – Max. Extension of arm 5’9″ from screen / with arm compressed 4’2″ from screen
  • Max Projector Weight on Projector Mount Kit 12 lbs.
  • The actual Simulator Series Screen is 100″ Tall x 87″ Wide (8’3″ x 7’2″). Bottom Left Corner to Upper Right Corner is – 131.5″ (10′ 9″)
  • In our Simulator Series video, we used a ViewSonic Ultra Short Throw Projector. ViewSonic Model #pjd6683ws at a 4:3 Aspect Ratio.
  • You will want to use a 4:3 Aspect Ration rather than a 16:9 Aspect Ratio due to the squareness of our screen.

The Projector Mount Kit is designed for use with our Simulator Series net. The Projector Mount Kit connects to the rear of the Simulator Series frame and is completely self-contained.

This means that you no longer have to attempt to connect your projector and mount it to any ceilings, walls, etc. inside your home or facility. The Projector Mount Kit assembles in less than 15 Min. using our Quick Color Connect System and is designed to work with an Ultra Short Throw Projector and comes with a Premier Universal Projector Mount.

It is made of powder-coated steel and weighs approximately 16 lbs. What is not included? A Projector, Simulator Software or Computer. You will need to obtain these items on your own.

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