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Tee Line Golf Mat


Tee Line Golf Mat from Tee Line with retail value $299.00 and get more low cost right here. Grab your best low cost here!

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Tee Line Golf Mat – If you wish to practice your golf game within the comfort of your own home, you need a number of pieces of equipment to do it properly. Of course, you’ll want a proper net that can forestall your ball from pinging off the partitions and leaving dents, but you’ll also need golf hitting the mat to make sure your club doesn’t hit the floor.

Tee Line Golf Mat

Thankfully, Golf Anytime carries different golf mats for sale, so you might have the flexibility to place collectively a correct dwelling golf practice set. We have driving range mats, golf chipping mats, and many more, all of which pair nicely with our net selection. Keep your floors safe and unscuffed with the assistance of Golf Anytime’s golf hitting mats on the market.

Tee Line Mat
Tee Line Golf Mat
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The Tee Line High-Density golf mat is the newest innovation in the world of artificial turf. The Tee Line hitting mat is a versatile golf mat that can be used with irons, woods and can naturally hold a wooden tee. The turf is 1 1/4″ thick with a 10mm closed cell backing.

High-Density Golf Mats are becoming very popular because of the high range of uses. They are comfortable to use with any club and feel more like real grass. Instead of your club bouncing off the mat and can dig in and go through the ball and the mat, like a real golf shot. If you want to improve your golf game you need to 2 things, Practice golf at home, and buy this golf mat.

Tee Line High-Density Mat Features:

  • Large 5′ x 5′ Design
  • 1 1/4″ Nylon Tuft 6-6 Turf
  • 120 oz. Carpet
  • The densest carpet on the market
  • Holds a tee (no need for rubber tee)
  • Absorbs club shock
  • Suitable for any environment
  • Fade/UV Resistant

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