SkyTrak Launch Monitor

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With SkyTrak you get the same level of accuracy and number of measurements as competing for launch monitors that cost upwards of $30k.

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SkyTrak Launch Monitor is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. This light, portable launch monitor connects wirelessly to your iPad or PC and provides instant launch data and ball flight visual feedback upon hitting the ball.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

With SkyTrak’s shot tracer technology you’re able to immediately see your ball flight on your device, and instantly receive feedback on the shot shape, angle, spin rate, distance, and other data points you can use to improve your game.

Awarded the Golf Digest award for best value golf simulator in 2017 & 2018, you can’t go wrong with the Skytrak golf simulator and launch monitor.

Included With Purchase

SkyTrak Features

  • Photometric Launch Monitor
  • Commercial Grade Accuracy
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. Reference SkyTrak System Requirements for a full list
  • Rechargeable Battery Provides up to 5 Hours Continuous Use
  • Compact Size Measuring Only Height: 6.75”, Length: 5.75”, Width: 2.5” and Weighs Only 1.75 lbs

SkyTrak Launch Monitor


SkyTrak Measurements:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Side Angle
  • Carry/Total Distance
  • Distance Offline
  • Roll Distance
  • Flightpath
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Angle of Descent

Fun Game Improvement Tool

Using the SkyTrak 3D driving range feature is a great way to improve your golf game. Set the ball down on the golf mat, take a swing, and instantly get feedback on your ball flight with every relevant number to your golf swing.

With the SkyTrak you can save your swing data to track your progress, arming you with the detailed feedback you need to know your strengths and improve areas of your game.

Great Value

With SkyTrak you get the same level of accuracy and number of measurements as competing for launch monitors that cost upwards of $30k. It’s no wonder Golf Digest named SkyTrak the Best Value Golf Simulator two years in a row.

SkyTrak Space Requirements

Generally speaking, as long as you have enough room to comfortably and safely swing a club, you have enough room to use a SkyTrak launch monitor. This is one of the main advantages of the SkyTrak over other simulator systems that require more space. We typically recommend space requirements of at least:

  • 10′ Width
  • 10′ Length
  • 9′ Height (will vary depending on the height of user)

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Customer Reviews:

SkyTrak Has Amazing Accuracy – The SkyTrak is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday golfers. Head to head studies shows SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as of the Trackman, at a fraction of the cost.

Exceeded expectations – The SkyTrak monitor is pretty awesome. Way better than I expected it to be. Tons of data points and seems to be pretty accurate. If I hit a great one, it knows it. If I hit a worm burner, it knows. I’m looking forward to expanding the package and getting a sim to try out some courses.

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