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Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package


Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package from Hitzem with retail value $349.99 and get extra discount right here. Grab your best discount right here!

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Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package – When it comes to training golf, you’ll discover that sometimes you simply have to work on the basics of the game. The type of your swing, the follow-through, and the stance all improve your performance immensely if practiced correctly. Practicing like this without regular access to a driving vary or a proper golf course, however, could make it tough. So, what do you do instead?

Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package

You choose up to one in all Golf Anytime’s wide array of hitting nets. These golf nets for the house permit you to practice all kinds of swings without worrying about damaging something. You can safely practice your long pictures with a golf hitting the net. Master your ball striking within the consolation of your individual home, indoors or open air. Whether looking so as to add an indoor or outdoors hitting net Golf Anytime has the right product for you. We supply some of the finest and most popular manufacturers available on the market today and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package
Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package
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The Hitzem Garage Golf Net Package is an all-included package to turn your garage, basement, or deck into your at-home golf practice oasis. The Hitzem Golf Net easily hangs from your garage, basement ceiling, or can even be hung off the top of your deck or between two trees. It comes with everything you need to practice golf at home. You get the Hitzem Garage Golf Net, Hitzem Golf Mat, Hitzem Grass collection mat, Target and Net protector, rubber tee, and vinyl sleeve for easy storage.

Hitzem Golf Net Features:

  • Fast and Easy Storage
  • All included practice package
  • Target to improve accuracy
  • Landing Pad/Collection area to hit many balls in a row
  • Side Netting and sandbags for errant shots

Hitzem Golf Net Package includes:

  • Hitzem golf net (7’ 8” x 8’)
  • Hitzem golf mat (4’ x 3’ 2”)
  • Hitzem grass landing pad (4’ x 2′)
  • Hitzem target and net protector
  • 3-16 inch Velcro Straps
  • 3-3 inch carabiner hooks
  • 3-2.5” carabiner hooks
  • 2-2” carabiner hooks
  • 3 cam straps
  • 1 set of ratchet straps and 2 unfilled sandbags.
  • 7’ x 8’ black vinyl sleeve for easy storage.
  • 5’ x 5’ sock sleeve that collects the ball during practice.
  • 3’ x 3’ target that attaches to the back of the sock sleeve and protects the net.
  • 1’ x 2’ wings on both sides of the net that expand to deflect hooks and slices into the middle of the net.
  • 5’ x 12’ vinyl panel at the bottom deflect lower shots and aids ball collection.
  • 4’ x 2’ grass mat that inserts in the sock sleeve to avoid bouncing balls
  • 2 ratchet straps allow players to use Hitzem with the door closed.

Turn your Garage into a year-round driving range

With the Hitzem Garage Golf Net, you can easily turn that unused space into a year-round driving range! Improve your game in as little as 20 minutes of practice per day.

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