Golf Simulator SwingBay Screen


  • 8’ tall x 10’5′ wide x 4’8″ deep framing system
  • 7’3″ tall x 9’8″ wide premium quality golf simulator screen

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Golf Simulator SwingBay Screen – The SwingBay was meticulously developed by our team at here based on feedback from hundreds of our past golf simulator customers. Featuring a heavy-duty projector screen and an easy to assembly framing system, you will be golfing anytime you want, day or night. Whether for your garage or basement, the SwingBay is the must-have indoor golf simulator screen and enclosure.

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen

Golf Simulator SwingBay Screen Included:

  • 8’ tall x 10’5′ wide x 4’8″ deep framing system
  • 7’3″ tall x 9’8″ wide premium quality golf simulator screen
    • Built to withstand thousands of shots at up to 250 miles per hour
    • Fully optimized for 4:3 projection
    • Tightly woven fiber material optimized for a smooth, crisp, projection (we recommend using a projector with lumens of 3000+)
  • Commercial-grade polyester blackout side and upper walls
    • Reduces external light from blurring projection
    • Heavy-duty protection from shots that miss the golf simulator screen
    • Fastens to frame using a secure velcro system
  • Bungee system for fastening the screen to frame
    • Keeps the screen tight and flat for a realistic golf simulation experience
    • Provides enough “give” to prevent dangerous bounce backs and increase the longevity of the screen
  • 6’8″ high x 9′-10′ long side barrier netting
    • Protect your room and valuables from the inevitable mishits
    • Velcros straight to the side walls

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen

Not Included:

  • Projector – we recommend the Optoma EH200ST Short Throw Projector
    • With the Optoma EH200ST, we recommend mounting the projector so the distance between the lens and the screen is 8 feet with the Swing Bay
  • Projector Mount – we recommend this ceiling mount or this floor mount
  • Launch Monitor or Golf Simulator – see our Best Launch Monitors guide for more information
  • Device to run your golf simulator software – we recommend a gaming PC to maximize flexibility with golf simulator software compatibility
  • HDMI Cable – we recommend a 25’ long cable to connect your device to your projector
  • Golf Mat – see our Best Golf Mats guide for more information

Minimum Space Requirements:

9’ high x 12’ wide x 16’ deep
*ALWAYS get your driver out and take a slow backswing to ensure you have enough ceiling height prior to purchase*

Swing Bay Assembly

Assembly Instructions will be provided upon purchase. Within 2 hours, two people can fully assemble the SwingBay following our step-by-step instructions.


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