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Golf Simulator Bay Series 10

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Golf Simulator Bay Series 10 is a golf simulator bay package so you can build your very own indoor golf simulator.

Golf Simulator Bay Series

The Simulator Series 10 has so many benefits including:

  • Super Easy Assembly with our Push Button Quick Color Connect System
  • Wide Design (10β€² Wide x 8’10” Tall x 3β€² 6β€³ Deep)
  • Lightweight, Strong – 1.5 ” Tubular Aluminum Powder Coated Frame
  • Super Safe – The Entire Bay is Sewn With our Proprietary High Impact Netting
  • Which Withstands Ball Speeds of 225 MPH
  • Floating Super White HD Screen – Provides the Brightest, High Def Picture Quality but… is Very Quiet and Minimizes Ball Rebound.
  • Side Barriers (Included) Ensure Mis-Hit Balls Always Stay in the Hitting Area.
  • Each and Every Simulator Series is Handmade in the USA.

Packages Included:

  • High-Quality Durable Golf Simulator Screen (10β€² wide x 8β€² 10β€³ tall x 3β€² 6β€³ deep)
  • Aluminum Frame
  • The Net Return Side Barriers
  • The Net Return Pro Turf (GolfAnytime Exclusive Offer)

What is NOT included:

  • Projector – We recommend a Short Throw projector, 3500 Lumens or greater, HDMI connectivity, and the ability to Keystone an image both Horizontally and Vertically. This is especially important if you are offsetting your projector to the left or right-hand side of your screen. Look at Sony, Viewsonic, and Optoma brands for your projector choice. These brands are the most popular.
  • Simulator Software (Sold Separately) – SkyTrak, Foresight, Mevo, Optishot, Ernest Sports, etc.

Series 10 Specifications

  • Frame Height: 8’10” (Rear Display Bar)
  • Frame Height 8’2β€³ (Front Horizontal Tubing)
  • Frame Width: 10β€²
  • Frame Depth: 3β€² 6β€³

You will want to use a 16:9 Aspect Ratio on our Sim 10 Series.

You can also utilize a projector distance calculator to check the estimated distances from the screen and your projector to the throw point. Each manufacturer has its own distance calculator specific to their models – do not hesitate to utilize it in advance of your setup.

Important Note

Our Integrated Projector Mount Kit is not compatible with our Sim Series 10 and 12 Models. It is only designed for our Standard Sim Series.

With the Sim 10 or Sim 12 Series look to mount your projector directly to your ceiling with a third party ceiling mount.

Another option is to utilize a small table 1β€² – 2β€² in height, just behind your golf simulator system to cast the image onto the screen from the right-hand side (if your a right-handed golfer) or the left-hand side (if your a left-handed golfer).

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