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ES20 Golf Launch Monitor

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ES20 Golf Launch Monitor provides the most data among golf launch monitors. With 22 data points, the ES20/20 provides golfers the most feedback at the lowest price point compared to other high-end models. Track the most important data in golf improvement with the latest in Doppler Technology.

ES20 Golf Launch Monitor

The ES 20/20 tracks important distance data like total carry, total yards, and roll distance. It also tracks metrics like ball speed, spin rates, and maximum height (apex). What separates the ES 20/20 is the club data. ES 20/20 also tracks clubhead speed, smash factor, angle of attack, and more. ES 20/20 can also be used as a fully functional golf simulator with putting, making it the perfect Golf Anytime game improvement product. With its long 8-hour battery life it is sure to make the most of your practice sessions.

Full Golf Simulator (with putting)

The ES20/20 golf launch monitor can also be used as a fully functional golf simulator. All you need is the net and a screen to display on. Track key data as you play full rounds of golf in the comfort of your home, garage, or basement. The golf simulator uses the E6 golf connect software.

E6 is one of the most advanced golf simulator technologies in the world. Simply add a simulator set up that consists of a hitting mat and net and a screen for display. The screen can be set up on a computer or tv screen, or you can use a projector and a projection screen.

Tracks Data Points
Ball DataClub Data
Total Distance, Carry Distance, Roll, Lateral Distance, and Lateral Total DistanceClub Head Speed
Ball SpeedSmash Factor
Launch Angle, Launch Direction AngleAngle of Attack
Spin Rate, Spin AxisSpin Loft
ApexFace Angle
Hang TimeClub Path
Shot DispersionDynamic Loft
Landing AngleFace to Path

Give Meaning to your practice sessions

How many of us go to the driving range and pull out the driver and start bombing drives? I know I have been guilty in the past. Does this actually improve your golf game? Of course not, in most cases it actually makes it worse.

Focused practice sessions start when you understand your weaknesses on the golf course. If your weakness is distance control, ES20/20 has some incredible features to help with that. If your weakness is losing shots to the right or left, ES20/20 can show you why so you can make the necessary adjustments. The ES20/20 is sure to help you improve your game on so many levels. Most importantly, you can Golf Anytime.


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