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We are going against the norm – THE BIG GUYS – and looking to build a tribe of golfers who are looking to have fun, get better, keep things simple..

It’s no secret that golf has become an over-complicated game for players and coaches alike, you only need to do a quick search online for golf back-swing tips and you will be bombarded with, one plane and two plane golf swings, training aids, DVD’s and equipment that promises to give you the “Perfect Golf Swing”.

But that is absolute rubbish. I’m sure you have realized that by now because despite your best efforts you have not seen significant improvement.
It’s not your fault though!

The over complicated swing instruction methods have your best interests at heart, but as I alluded to earlier, they are still stuck in the “golf instruction paradigm blindness” and only give you what the industry dictates again and again.

We have scoured the globe to partner and feature some of the best coaches and smartest folks out there.

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